TTM Anti-Imperfection Black Charcoal Mask
June 23, 2023
TTM Super Fiber Skin Enlightening Mask
June 23, 2023

TTM Super Fiber Perfect Balance Mask



Solution for oily skin

Its advanced high-density fabric with ultra-long fiber is ultra absorbent, ultra effective in penetration, and ultra well-fitted to the contour of the face, which instantly paves way for perfect skin.

Mushroom mycelia extract helps fortify the skin’s defences. Also formulated with Witch Hazel Extract to regulate the skin balance, refine pores, and create a flawless matte skin.



Provides shine-control and regulates skin for a balanced and stable skin condition.

Water-oil balance – Schizophyllan, a mushroom mycelia extract, features uniquely-structured glucan which provides not only deep hydration but also relief and repair. In addition, it restores the skin’s water-oil balance.

Sebum regulation – Witch Hazel Extract + Mushroom extract : Regulates sebum production while treating pores to refine pores.

Delicate exfoliation – White willow bark extract: Regulates skin metabolism, scrubs out dead skin cells, and refines pores

Pave Way for Perfect Skin

Exclusive from Japan
The advanced non-porous continuous filament material.

Compared to Black Charcoal Masks that weigh 1.5x more, Super Fiber demonstrates 1.2x better moisture retention capacity. This is a prove that there is no need to make a choice. Lightweight, transparency, and high serum infusion, Super Fiber got them all.

Super Fiber Masks feature:
• Ultra fine fibers – Enhanced texture
• Low porosity – Conforms closely to skin and clings tightly to skin
• Better occlusion effect – Demonstrates advanced infusion capability that outperforms other continuous filaments and ordinary filaments.
• Lasts longer – Features a lightweight and thin transparent breathable texture, yet also demonstrates an excellent moisture retention so the serum evaporates slower.

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