About Sammoor Beauty

A result-oriented distributor of international beauty brands, which prides itself in establishing long-term business developments and eventually making unique international brands accessible to consumers across all key markets in Malaysia market.

Being an exclusive distributor working closely with principals and adding value to distribution channels. The combined experience of market awareness & professional expertise of our team will add value to any brand seeking to expand into these.

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Distribution Networks

Our distribution networks encompasses of both modern trades as well as traditional trades, covering both East and West Malaysia.

Retail/Partner Centric

We continuously strive to learn, improve and share ideas with our partners for creating exciting retail experiences with luxury finesse.

E-commerce Specialist

Engaging the right online channels with years of combined experiences of market awareness, strategies, trading & distribution.

Distribution Solutions

Always reaching deep and wide in markets with speed by end to end distribution supply chain solutions.

Experienced Team

A group of whose members have over a decade of experience and expertise in distributing and managing H&B Business in Malaysia.

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