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May 25, 2021
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May 25, 2021

SNP Peptaronic Ampoule Mask (10s)


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SNP Peptaronic Ampoule Mask (10s)

1) PERFECT HARMONY OF ACTIVE INGREDIENTS FOR MOISTURE AND FIRMING TREATMENT Moisturizing / Firming / Vitality mask that tightens the skin with peptide ingredients and fills moisture with hyaluronic acid for vibrant skin.

2) FULL MOISTURE WITH 3 MARINE COMPLEX Marine complex ingredients (seaweed extract, spirulina maxima, hizikia fusiforme extract) holds skin moisture and keeps it smooth, resilient, and moisturized.

3) ZERO SKIN STRESS WITH #ReliefPrescription EXCLUDING HARMFUL INGREDIENTS Reliable and stress free mask perfect for everyday use by completely excluding 20 kinds of warning ingredients listed on ‘HwaHae’(an application analyzing cosmetics ingredients).


All Types


1. After toning the skin, take out the mask from the pouch and evenly apply it aligning with eyes and lips

2. Remove it after 10-20 minutes and gently pat in remaining essence


For External use only. Avoid contact with eyes.


*The only Authorized SNP Distributor in Malaysia. 100 % Authentic and import from Korea.

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