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  • Pretium Auctor
    They offered a prompt online service that saw my equipment delivered and a friendly voice on the end of the phone to help me set up once it all arrived. Most appreciated.
    Pretium Auctor
  • Duis Ultricies
    I wish to thank Luke and Tina for their time and assistance when guiding me to buy a great Mipro PA System. It was a pleasure to use for the first time, and I never once received any noise feedback throughout the day. I received nothing but positive comments from the participant regarding quality of sound. A great investment after a long day teaching- I still have a voice.
    Duis Ultricies
  • Nam Massa
    I have no hesitation in recommending Soundgear. Luke is always professional and cares about the product he sells. He is a great communicator and always get's back to me promptly. Luke provided manuals and even labelled the equipment upon delivery to us. He is genuine and gives fair dinkum advice. Luke explains things in simple terms. I like his style of business and integrity.
    Nam Massa