Mediheal Vita Clear Ampoule Mask (10s)
November 29, 2021
SNP Pure Plain Vita Mask (10s)
November 29, 2021

SNP Pure Plain Calming Mask (10s)


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SNP Pure Plain Calming Mask (10s) 25g

PURE + PLAIN It’s a derma line that combines clean and pure ingredients derived from nature and SNP own Bio technology perfectly to provide a safe & reliable effect and new standards to Derma More Safe , More Effective Beyond the concept, provide the real effect to skin. The best combination of natural ingredients and SNP’s patened active derma ingredients, excluding unnecessary ingredients, reduces skin irritation and increases effectiveness. Own SNP Lab technology ,180% stronger Patented Ingredient for Skin Soothing, Its also Skin-Friendly mild essence, super adhesion! 100 % Plant-Based Sheet Moisturizing and soothing care with 97% naturally original green calming essence

1) Aquaronic, SNP’s patent calming ingredient, and green calming essence which contains Centella Asiatica extract , immediately soothes sensitive skin irritated by external stimuli and provides immediate moisture onto skin.

2) When a tiger gets hurt, it rolls around in the grass and rubs its body to heal the wound, which is called tiger grass, Centella Asiatica moisturizes the skin and immediately soothes the irritated skin

How to use: Prepare skin with toner after washing face. Spread sheet mask evenly over face. Leave on face for 15-20 minutes. Remove mask and gently pat face to absorb essence. Use 2-3 times per week.


The only Certify Distributor In Malaysia. 100% Authentic and import from Korea.

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