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September 26, 2017
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September 26, 2017

SNP Mini Moisture Petal Toner


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SNP Mini Moisture Petal Toner

  • Hydrating #moisturepetaltoner that awakens your skin vitality
  • NET WT 25 ml / 0.84 fl. oz.1) Abundant moisture with 5 kinds of hyaluronic acid
  • 5 different sizes of hyaluronic acids fill the skin from deep within and pink petal in the toner awakens the vitality to the skin that has been asleep.2) Skincare booster for next step
  • Contains Centella Asiatica Extract and Chamomile Flower Extract to help calm and regenerate the skins, quickly stabilizing the irritated skin. Ceramides forms moisture barrier to prevent moisture from damaging and moisturizes the skin base as well as enhances absorption of the next skin care product.3) Various MIX & MATCH available item
  • It has quick moisture supply and skin soothing effect. When skin becomes sensitive by external stimulation, you can use it as soothing pack by moistening the toner onto the cotton pads for 3 minutes. When making a modeling mask, you can use this instead of pouring water to make your skin more calm and moisturized. It is a multi-item that can be utilized as various mix & match with other items in your own way.

1. Take an appropriate amount and pat onto entire face
*Caution when applying, it is watery-type toner.

Normal,Dull,Oily,Combination,Signs of Ageing

Skin Concerns
Dryness,Dark Spots & Hyperpigmentation,Fine Lines & Wrinkles,Pores

Skin Care Benefits
RADIANCE,Moisturizing,Pore Control,Soothing,Even Out Skin Tone & Texture,Detoxify

*The only Certify Distributor In Malaysia. 100 % Authentic and import from Korea.

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