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Mediheal Soothing Bubble Tox Serum Mask


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Mediheal Soothing Bubble Tox Serum Mask

  • The rich, creamy lather from the bubble serum creates a massage-like effect to clarify skin.
  • No need to rinse off; simply absorb into skin to achieve a radiant complexion.
  • Satisfy your five senses and achieve dewy, glowing skin with this bubble massage.

Those who have dehydrated oily skin
Those who want to smooth wrinkles
Those who want to soothe sensitive skin
Those who want to easily do skincare at home

An innovative soothing sheet mask that soothes skin sensitivity caused by external factors and comforts skin with Soothing Toning Complex (mugwort extract, madecassoside, centella asiatica extract, houttuynia cordata extract) and green creamy bubble serum formulated with five different weights of hyaluronic acid

Contains a patented ingredient Mucogen, extracted from seaweed to soothe skin and alleviate irritation

The gauze sheet with micro-sized holes offers breathable comfort

Specially designed to keep the bubbles from entering eyes

Skin Type
Normal, Dull, Dry, Combination

Skin Concerns
Dryness, Oiliness, Dullness

Skin Care Benefits
RADIANCE, Moisturizing, Sensitive, Whitening, Soothing, Firming/Lifting

*The only Certify Distributor In Malaysia. 100 % Authentic and import from Korea.

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